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On Security

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Cairo, and Egypt in general, is a safe place to visit and travel, even in the current political climate. However, to ensure your safety while with us, we ask interns to refrain from visiting certain areas including the Sinai region and any area within 50km of the Libyan border, including Siwa Oasis. See our agreement here.

Travel Advice:
  • Carry a photocopy of your passport and visa with you. 
  • Do not photograph sensitive locations: this includes embassies, factories, security/police installations, etc. Such locations may not be obvious, if unsure, ask for permission first.
  • Do not approach or photograph protests, no matter your Arabic proficiency.
  • Register with your nearest embassy.
  • Make a note of special dates, holidays and anniversaries, and plan accordingly. Protests and other incidents are more likely on such days.