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Our Vision

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The goal of CAWU is to counteract media bias and bridge inter-communal gaps within the Middle East and the Arab World and the West. The long-term aim is to contribute to the prosperity and stability of the region and in particular Egypt.
The urgency of this aim has never been more apparent. Since the two planes crashed into the twin towers in New York in 2001, bigotry and intolerance blossomed in both the Middle East and the West, encouraged by ignorance of the other's societies and beliefs. 
Education for Peace forms a core of CAWU's philosophy by facilitating direct contact between Egyptian and Western youths and encourages them to challenge each other and enhance their understanding of our contemporary world.
In his statement 'Conduct for Stability and Mutual Understanding', CAWU Deputy Chairman Cornelis Hulsman further clarifies the methodology used by CAWU staff and the importance to remain impartial and non-partisan.