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Muslim and Christian Religious Leaders 
at a Holy Family Celebration in Dayr Abu Hinnis, Mallawi

While reconciliation is a primary goal of the ZIVIC project, this particular word has bad connotations with many Egyptians. Often, due to the weak application of law or prevailing social customs, conflicts will be resolved through traditional 'reconciliation sessions', in which the dispute will be presented before local government, religious, and community leaders. 

While beneficial in theory. and at times in practice, these sessions have become controversial as complaints have risen claiming that some parties are forced to participation, only to have all criminal proceedings dropped afterwards. While the project aims primarily for social reconciliation, these sessions should not be dismissed out of hand, though their procedure can be improved. The following links to project reports provide access to various aspects of reconciliation in Egypt.
The Imam and Pastor 
at a Peacebuilding Conference at Cairo University